Senexi Background

Senexi Co.,Ltd. is the product of cooperation between two established Jewely companies in Thailand, whose combined Jewelry experience is over 50 years and event more in terms of businessmanship. With the constant change of the current global trend, the two experienced entrepreneurs spotted and seized the opportunity in the fashion market - setting up a modern jewelry company in the process

Senexi Defination

“Senexi” is rooted from a Latin word “senex”, which refers to a respected leader in a high profile society. That fittingly reflects the company’s objective. With the experience at disposal, a growing network of young designers, whose creative potential are enormous but lack the market knowledge, is weaved together to support the operation. They are not directed what to design. Rather, they are provided with the right balance of guidance and space to express their immense creative energy in the right channel. The combination of experience and creativity results in the remarkable blend of design, marketability, quality of production, and the limitless outcome.


Senexi Business

While our main product is 925 Rhodium Plated Silver Jewelry, we draw no boundary to our designs. Thus, our target market can only be defined broadly – women with exquisite sense of fashion. Our designers are full of identity and artistry that you will not find such collections replicated elsewhere. Not only do “Senexi” aim to be the “Senex” in the Jewelry industry, we also aim to achieve by operating on our philosophy:

“We do not merely make a Jewelry piece, we create the Jewelry artwork that is deservedly yours.”

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